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Peanuts! Low Cost Airline News arrow AirAsia introduces, a one-stop information and solutions centre

AirAsia introduces, a one-stop information and solutions centre

AirAsia introduces, a one-stop information and solutions centre
New Service reduces wait time, provides immediate contact with AirAsia and enables guests to obtain information immediately via live chat, webmail and twitter

Guests of AirAsia can now obtain real time information and enjoy immediate solution on AirAsia’s suite of services made available through AirAsia’s’s new one-stop help and information centre,

The new service, available free to anyone from anywhere in the world, is a platform for guests to pose any question and engage with AirAsia via live chat, webmail and twitter. As soon as a question or enquiry is received, would provide specific, tailor-fitted answers in real time through the use of intelligent automated response technology.

Besides providing intelligent automated responses, offers guests the option of engaging the airline via Twitter at, live chat and webmail. The cutting-edge technology employed by enables it to track topics and trends and provides quick links to the most searched answers.

“AirAsia is investing more in technology to vastly improve our guests’ experience. A huge segment of our guests are internet savvy and well versed in the use of interactive media platforms. We are taking advantage of this strength of our guests to steer queries away from the call centre and towards, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. The technology we employ here is similar to that used by the world’s leading IT companies. We are constantly looking at ways to offer our guests innovative experiences and guest engagement, and this new service is a step in that direction,” said Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia. is available 24 hours daily and is equipped to handle multiple queries at any given period, thereby eliminating wait time for guests seeking automated responses. Having open communication lines is vitally important to us, and with, we provide multiple contact points for guests to easily get in touch with us and to know more about our products and services,” he added. provides visitors with information on AirAsia’s suite of products and services and is able to address pre- and post-flight inquiries.

Real-time Twitter and live chat service are available from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Malaysia time (GMT +8). Guests who send webmail to will receive an immediate response stating their reference number and the expected response time.

AirAsia has a Twitter fan base of 98,000 across ASEAN, where it is based, and beyond. It uses Twitter heavily for constant interaction with fans and to give fans instant updates. is currently available through the internet. A special version for mobiles will be extended soon. It is now available in English, but there are plans to introduce the service in other languages, including Malay, Chinese and Thai.

AirAsia continues to offer call centre services for guests who prefer voice calls and for guests who want to make flight bookings or booking changes. Guests in Malaysia may call 600 85 9999 (voice call on premium line) or +603 2171 9333 (interactive voice response service). Guests in other countries may visit the airline’s website for a full list of AirAsia’s call centre numbers.

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